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Bert Blevins is one of those rare souls who strives to make every second of life count. Bert is constantly seeking knowledge and professional development and holds numerous certifications and degrees to show for it. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising from Western Kentucky University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He then continued his development by serving as an adjunct professor at both the University of Phoenix and Western Kentucky University.

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AI Strategy Development

Plan your AI journey with a
clear,strategic roadmap
tailored to your business

Custom AI Solutions

From automated customer
support to advanced data
analytics, our bespoke models
are designed to scale with
your requirements.

Integration Services

Seamlessly integrate GPT-
powered AI into your existing
platforms and systems.

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Proven Expertise

 Decades of collective
experience in AI
and machine learning.


 Every solution is crafted to
fit your unique challenges
and goals.

Ongoing Support

We ensure continuous
improvement and
adaptation to new challenges.


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Retail AI Transformation

See how we revolutionized customer engagement for a leading retail brand.

Healthcare Data Analysis

Discover how our AI solutions empowered a healthcare provider to improve patient outcomes.

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